“As an engineer and a mother, I am delighted that my kids spend more than 13 hours per week with passionate STEM teachers who facilitate their exploration of the world around them and the possibilities for designing its future. I can't imagine education without LPS!”

- Charity Grano

“The changes I have seen in Rue's attitude toward school and learning have been eye opening and can be directly attributed to the wonderful staff at LPS...Can we please have a junior high?!”

- AJ Jacobi

“LPS is a truly special place that we are blessed to be a part of. From the fun, genuine, caring teaching staff to the innovative learning style...our little girl LOVES school because of LPS!”

- Jessica McVey


LaFontaine Preparatory School values a forward-thinking, diverse, and engaging educational experience for our students. We use small class sizes and innovative approaches to subjects as basic as math and unique as engineering. We seek to foster outstanding skills in language while also introducing students to a wide variety of the arts. LaFontaine Preparatory School is committed to creating a love of learning within each of our students!