Letter From Our Founders

Welcome to LaFontaine Preparatory School. We are flattered that you have taken some time from your day to visit our website. It’s our pleasure to be able to serve the residents of Central Kentucky by delivering an exciting and engaging education to children in Madison County. We are humbled by the opportunity to share in this important endeavor with you. Five years ago our school began at the Pre-Kindergarten level.  Each year we have added one grade to our school. We currently serve Pre-K-4th grade students. During the 2017-18 school year we will complete a six year journey to becoming a full elementary school by expanding to 5th grade!

We work extremely hard to build a school culture and community that embraces creativity and imagination. It begins with a talented, visionary staff that is empowered with great classroom freedoms. We work together to deliver a rounded schedule of classes that place a great emphasis on the whole education. We believe in small classes. Our classes range from 12-16 students. Each week our kindergarten through 4th grade students get to experience more than 800 minutes of math and language arts, 200 minutes of science, 200 minutes of engineering and 120 minutes of Spanish and Social Studies. Our half-day pre-kindergarten program offers a similar variety of classes, albeit in smaller doses.

We feel that presenting a wide variety of engaging core subjects and extra-curricular activities allow our young students to enjoy a diverse education as well as develop an understanding of what their special talents are. We want to give our students an opportunity to be intrigued by learning a second language. We want them to experience the enjoyment that comes from solving how to build a slingshot large and strong enough to launch their engineering teacher across the room! We want them to have opportunities to collaborate in small groups to develop science projects or to taste foods from around the world as part of a culturally enriched Social Studies unit. We want to help them become confident readers and brilliant mathematicians.

Will each of our students become all of these ideals? Probably not, and that’s okay! Each child is different and will have different strengths and natural interest. But, we continue to work to offer the support and to create an environment that encourages mastery and moments of self-discovery. Those moments are important so that they will be prepared to make their contribution to a rapidly changing world that will require new competencies and greater creative capacities. Our students deserve a whole education that can deliver this kind of educational experience.

Gus LaFontaine and Jeff McIntier