Angela Hardin@MsHardin_LPS

Angela is entering her 9th year of teaching. Her primary duty is to teach language arts to our 3rd and 4th grade students. Angela's teaching duties have taken her through multiple stops in Kentucky and Indianapolis. She comes to LPS from Lexington Sayre. Angela has a bachelor's degree in elementary education and a master's degree in education from EKU. She is certified as a literacy specialist K-5 from the University of the Cumberlands.

Christina Edmonson@Edmonson_LPS

Christina enters her 5th year of teaching. She has a bachelor's degree in early childhood education from the University of South Florida and a master's in elementary education from EKU. Before LPS, Christina taught in Montgomery County and Madison County Public Schools. Christina is the Social Studies teacher at LPS for kindergarten-3rd grade.

Hannah Gibson@MsHannah_LPS

Ms. Hannah is a graduate of Berea college. Her degree is in child and family studies, with a concentration in child development. Her teaching experience includes the Susan Gray School for Children. She has spent time teaching in Uganda and Costa Rica. Most recently, Hannah was part of the Early Learning Center staff. We are so excited the have her teaching Engineering & Explorations to K-4. Everyone loves Ms. Hannah!

Jaime Higgins@MsJaime_LPS

Ms. Jaime is a veteran staff member by LPS standards. Upon graduation from EKU with a degree in interdisciplinary early childhood education she immediately began working with LaFontaine Preparatory School. Jaime now serves as Director of the pre-kindergarten program at LPS. For two days a week, Jaime continues to lead instruction by teaching science. Her kindness and love toward students is her trademark. We watch students flock to Ms. Jaime. They can feel her genuine love for them. Jaime excels in everything she does through her attention to detail and thoughtful planning.

Junior Rua@MrJunior_LPS

Mr. Junior is currently pursuing his degree in elementary education from EKU. He will finish during the 2017-18 school year. Junior currently teaches Spanish to our kindergarten-4th grade students at LPS. Everyone loves Mr. Junior! He's got a great personality for leading students and he's pretty good at Spanish too :)

Kara Canterbury-Brown@MsKara_LPS

Kara Canterbury-Brown is a graduate of EKU. Her degree is in child and family studies with a concentration in child development. Kara currently teaches pre-kindergarten math at LPS. We thought we were Kara's first teaching job until she informed us that she taught in rural schools in Africa back in 2012! Kara brings a ton of energy and excitement to our PreK program.

Lauren Faehr@MsFaehr_LPS

Ms. Faehr was born to teach math! It’s hard to find someone as excited and engaged to teach the subject. She challenges her students to excel and provides great support to those that need an extra hand. Her professionalism is on full display in every aspect of her job. Lauren graduated from EKU with a degree in elementary education with an emphasis in math. She teaches 1st and 2nd grade math at LPS.

Lauren Ishmael@MsLaurenLPS

Lauren Ishmael is a graduate of EKU. Her degree is in child and family studies with an emphasis in child development. This is Lauren's third year working with LPS. Lauren is a great fit in our pre-kindergarten program. We feel lucky to have Lauren as our PreK language arts teacher!

Lauren Raymer@MrsRaymer_LPS

Lauren Raymer comes to LPS from Scott County Public Schools. She holds a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Ball State University. Mrs. Raymer teaches math to our 3rd and 4th grade students, as well as 2nd and 3rd grade science. Lauren showed a special interest in math when we were getting to know her. We're happy to have her placed with our two lead classes at LPS!

Lyndee Hankins@MrsLyndee_LPS

Mrs. Lyndee is our only full-time extra-curricular teacher. Lyndee is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in music education. She teaches music to our Pre-K-4th grade students. Lyndee also has a background in gymnastics having taught at Excel Gymnastics for several years. She'll also leads our gymnastics program at LPS for Pre-K-4th grade.

Marla Beck@DrMarla_LPS

Dr. Marla enters her third year at LPS after several years of teaching in Danville, KY and Model Lab. Marla team-teaches kindergarten language arts with Ms. Sara Gresbach. Marla has a great love for teaching and the students she teaches. We could go on about her accolades but she might get embarrassed! Marla is well accomplished and we feel extremely lucky to have her on our team.

Sara Gresbach@MsGresbach_LPS

Sara also graduated from EKU (noticing a trend here?) with a degree in elementary education. Sara teaches kindergarten language arts. She approaches language arts with the goal of developing strong early literacy skills in her students. Ms. Sara is proactive in her approach to education, oftentimes discovering creative methods to reach her students. She is a valuable member of our school team.

Sydney White@MsSydney_LPS

Sydney recently graduated from EKU with a bachelor's degree in elementary education. Ms. White teaches math at LPS. We were happy that Sydney chose to stay in Richmond and teach at LPS instead of returning home to Northern Kentucky! We're certain she'll do great things for her students during her first year at LPS.