Pre-K Supplemental Care

Pre-Kindergarten Supplemental Care is designed to offer a full-day option to our PreK students. Four years ago LaFontaine Preparatory School began as a half-day PreK. Since then we have refined our PreK program to make the most of a half-day setting. We recognize that some families need an extended day of care. We use our Supplemental Care program as a means to serve these families. Students that attend half-day PreK follow this schedule. Students that attend Supplemental Care spend the other half of their day following this schedule.

We accomplish this by utilizing two facilities. Pre-Kindergarten is held at 993 Four Mile Rd. at LaFontaine Preparatory School. Supplemental Care is held at 212 Wayne Dr. at LaFontaine Early Learning Center.

Why do we use two facilities to accomplish full-day care?

Our activities at LaFontaine Preparatory School are singularly focused on the academic, social and emotional development of our students. The academic portion of half-day PreK is the most significant use of our time during half-day PreK. We want to maintain the integrity of half-day PreK in a setting that most resembles “school.” Supplemental care covers the second half of the day and thus includes activities like lunch, nap and extended outdoor gross motor time. These activities fit in the physical space and daily schedule better at LaFontaine Early Learning Center.



Who provides the transportation between facilities?

We provide transportation using two shuttles. Drivers have operated without incident for 3 years.  Booster seats and 5-point harnesses are provided based off of the size of your child. Some of our bussing also relies on lap belts for safety. You may choose the option that works best for you by informing us during our August Parent Workshop.

What are the hours for Supplemental Care?

A total day can be as long as 7:15-5:30 if you utilize Supplemental Care.

LaFontaine Preparatory School follows an academic calendar with breaks such as Fall and Spring Break. What are the options for our family if we need care during this time?

Those who sign up for Supplemental Care are free to use the facility at LaFontaine Early Learning Center for their child care needs when LaFontaine Preparatory School isn’t in session. Please make arrangements through the staff at LaFontaine Early Learning Center.

Did we forget something? Please email if you have further questions.

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